What are the odds against getting Perfect Score in Math?


According to most county requirements in Public School system in US, you learn approx. 3600 Math skills from 1st - 12th grade. That is about 300 skills per year. READ MORE.

What if you missed to develop the mastery of multiplying fractions and decimals in 5th grade and at the end of the year got promoted to 6th grade. That created a gap in your knowledge base. Did someone take care to fill that gap: your parents, your math teacher, education system, social groups etc.. If not, then with time it became bigger and bigger and encompassed all other skills related with fractions and decimals. There may be many other gaps related with percentage, averages, mean, median, graphs, equations, inequalities, exponents, polynomials, congruency of shapes etc. Even the application of these skills to solve the word problems in the fields of science, engineering, and liberal arts may be a handicap.

These gaps have devastating effect on the Mind. To list few:

  1. They affect self-confidence not only in math but in life as a whole.
  2. You lose respect from others which you deserve as a person.
  3. You avoid math problems and don’t use math skills in day to day situations like calculating tips while dinning.
  4. Instead of internalizing math skills, you develop dependency on calculator.
  5. Develop test anxiety and mind becomes panicky, gets frozen and blocked.
  6. Anxiety and fear interfere with attention, concentration, memory, and your performance.
  7. You lose the power of intuition.
  8. You will not try or be accepted in best colleges.
  9. You avoid taking hard courses, affecting your overall success in life.
  10. You lose an opportunity of many college scholarships.
  11. Whatever field you pursue, you will remain mediocre, because even fields like Biology, History, Economics, Sociology, Psychology, and Political Science require mathematical modeling and statistics.

Good news is that skills can be easily learned. With confidence in math, your progress in life becomes exponential. Your attitude towards life changes and you start believing that every problem has a perfect solution.

Working towards perfect score in SAT Math is a worthwhile goal to achieve.

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