10 essential needs of a perfect scorer.


Here are 10 things you need to help you get a perfect score.

  1. You have to believe in yourself - that you can do it.

Every success comes in two stages: First at the inner level, next at the outer level. If you have any doubt in your capabilities, then you can't achieve it. Doubt can be overcome by scoring a Perfect Score in multiple prepared Real SATs in the class. Remember, our inner sub-conscious mind is not logical and lacks a sense of humor. It believes in what the conscious mind feeds. Therefore, if it sees a Perfect Score, it believes it.

  1. Have a Calm and Composed state of mind.

This state evokes creativity that helps answering the questions swiftly and smoothly. Imagine yourself going on the stage to give a speech; most people are nervous. However, those who have thoroughly practiced the speech are eager to go on the stage with confidence and deliver with flying colors. Practice, Practice, Practice is the key. This can be achieved by mastering 600+ examples of all difficulty levels.

  1. Integrate accuracy with speed.

Those who depend purely on one’s own subconscious are fast but are prone to mistakes. And those who are cautious and work at the conscious level are accurate but slow in response. You have to be mindful so as to have a perfect fusion of subconscious and conscious. Just verify the subconscious answer at a conscious level.

  1. Able to apply knowledge learned in the class.

In short, SAT doesn't test your knowledge; it tests your wisdom. Wisdom comes when knowledge is internalized. Knowledge can be forgotten, but wisdom you can carry over to your higher studies, career, and life. That is the major aim of the new SAT.

  1. Able to work Smart, not Hard.

20% of 50 is 10. This answer should come in 5 seconds or less.  If it did, you probably used smart techniques to get to the answer rather than mechanical rules.

  1. Don’t be Calculator dependent.

The mind is faster than a calculator. The calculator should be used only for very large or very small calculations. Sum of all Integers from 15 to 45 is 930 should be done in 5 seconds or less. The calculator will cheat you of time.

  1. Develop a more in-depth knowledge of Mathematical concepts.

A train leaves from DC to NY at an average speed of 40 m.p.h and returns at an average speed of 60 m.p.h. The average speed of the entire journey is not 50 m.p.h., it is 48 m.p.h.

  1. Be cautious of careless mistakes.

A pair of pants and a shirt cost $85. If A pair of pants costs $55, what is the cost of a pair of shirts? The answer is not $30.  It is $60.

  1. Art of Guessing with confidence is a great time saver.

18% tip on a $50 bill at a restaurant? Is it $9, $10, $11, $12? Confidently guessing the answer $9 should come instantly.

  1. Ability to concentrate intensely for more than 3 hours is a necessary asset.

Duration of SAT itself is more than 3 hours. Not to be affected by any distraction, whether external or internal mental chatting, is a very subtle discipline required for every high achievement. Full concentration in the class is good practice!

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